About me

SoutacheHandmade is basically the love of my life. Origami, knitting, crocheting, and sewing (in that particular order) were my story. So far.

Sometime in 2011 I started sewing, and in time I fell in love with designing soft toys (myscrappyideas.com). Until very recent time (mid 2014) I was pretty convinced that sewing is my biggest passion. However, the big down-side to sewing is that I cannot always carry my sewing machine with me or travel with tons of fabric scraps.

Needle bookAnd so I got enchanted by the soutache jewelry. But not only by the jewelry itself, but even more by the endless possibilities of soutache braid graceful swirls and bends. That’s the time that I created this “sister website” and currently I devide a great deal of my spare time between machine-sewing (toys) and hand-sewing (jewelry). And I must admit that doing any of these things makes me simply a very, very happy person :)!







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